Any U2 fans?!


U2 is the bomb, list your favorite songs



U2 is one of my favorites!

(major_seventh) #4

My Dad loves U2. Love them too, but I also enjoy listening to Coldplay’s stuff as well.


U2 is my favorite band by far.

  1. With or Without You
  2. Pride
  3. Where the Streets Have No Name
  4. Bad
  5. All I Want Is You


I love the old stuff:

  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  2. Pride
  3. Gloria
  4. I Will Follow
  5. With Or Without You


I will follow


Where the Streets Have No Names


Red hill mining town
One tree hill
Any other joshua tree
Three sunrises
Almost all of it otherwise!


i always saw Coldplay as U2 junior. They are kinda similar and both great. But I’d definitely pick U2 over Coldplay

(major_seventh) #11

Wouldn’t agree to that :wink: They’re both equally great in my opinion.


Dat new free album doe


Cedars of Lebanon and Fez: Being Born are two of my favorite songs


Just thought this would be a good place to say that I am going to a U2 concert in Chicago in June.

No big deal.