All Time Favorite Song(s) and Artist(s)?

My favorite artist has got to be Tom Waits.  I’ve never heard anyone more raw and honest, and his poetry is on another level.

He can make the shortest, simplest lyrics be the most powerful.  This is one of my favorite songs right now:

What about you?

I listen to a lot of different types of music from dubstep to pop to metal so my favorite song and artist changes all the time but Linkin Park and their first album Hybrid Theory were my favorites longer than anything else I’ve listened to and is still something I enjoy and will likely always enjoy listening to :slight_smile:

Lateralus - TOOL

simply the best.

The Mountain Goats. Going to Georgia, Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod… Any of their other stuff.

My top 5 all-time favorites are all by U2:
City of Blinding Lights
With or Without You
Where the Streets Have No Name
All I Want Is You

Skrillex scatta

Money for Nothing is one of my favorites.