Any stores in san fran?

My mom is heading to San Francisco next week for a business meeting and she always brings back something for me and my sister. So i want to know if there are any stores in san fran that sell yoyos.

Illest SF, 1630 Post St.
They sell Bombsquad stuff.

imma post here so i can come back to this post later ;D

And yoyos?

bombsquad is basically yoyofactory yoyos. they call it bombsquad cuz its kinda like special editions

I just want to make sure they sell yoyos so i don’t end up wasting my moms time.

I’ve never been there but i dont see why he would lie. if you really want to know than google search the place

I was just told by my friend that this place closed.

Closed for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.
If they’ve closed for good, I don’t see it mentioned on the interwebs.