Any other isolated throwers?

I’m pretty isolated where I am. At least I’ve never seen anyone in the wild throwing. I’m in a town of about 68,000 so there must be others. My brother throws but he lives 2 hours away. When my brother and I meet up and throw together it’s the most fun I have in this hobby. I think we’d both be a lot better if we lived closer to each other and could hang out more.


Yes, everything about this is true.

I’m in Tucson AZ. Me and another guy I met on Reddit are here, and every now and then a stray UofA student speaks up on Reddit as well. They don’t stay and me and the other guy don’t hang out. He’s a teacher though, and has been in touch with Andre for a club kit! Maybe we’ll draw more weirdos out into the open.


I’m in the UK & don’t know anybody else that is into throwing.


where in the UK? I know a couple folks over there, including @chaosgow and all of his hooligans friends



The nice thing about having someone to throw with is the change in perspective.
Your “eh” move might be something they have never seen, and vice versa.


I’m in Sussex


I’m also in Sussex!

There’s a yoyo meet in London on Saturday. I’m driving up from Brighton area to south London, then getting a train into the center. If you wanna come, let me know


Any throwers in Washington DC?

Well; for the last 20 years; I have been the only yoyo player in my living room.



I’m about an hour and a half from DC. I’d be down to meet up to throw sometime. There is a handful of other guys that I know that live within similar distance to DC as well that would show up too.

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Yeah when you’re an adult it can feel a little awkward sometimes, but really as an adult you’re actually less likely to receive any negative response. People are either mildly entertained, really stoked about it, or worst case scenario and most likely they just don’t care, like at all. I would say 80% of the time it’s too far off most people’s radar to elicit any kind of response let alone a negative one haha.


Thanks for the offer, but I can’t make Saturday.

No problem, it was short notice.

If you want to get in touch with some local throwers, the BYYA Facebook page is the place. Here it is


I live in the middle of Wisconsin. Closest yoyo friend lives about 4 hours away so its not like I can visit them often. So I am definitelty isolated in that sense.

I am also isolated in a different perspective. Everyone knows I am “the Möbius guy”. Pretty much the only one that plays the style. So with that said, I pretty much feel isolated from the community.

I have went to contests in the pasts and the feeling of isolation consumes me because I just cant relate to anyone since everyone is playing “normal yoyo play”. Its extremely overwhelming and discourages me from often wanting to play. And then to add to it, it seems now I am nothing more than a joke to some, thus I don’t even go to contests anymore.

I wouldnt wish that feeling I deal with on anyone in this community.

Well, whatever.
Peace out.



It’s unfortunate you feel that way. I’ve never made it to any meets or contest but I’d think seeing different styles would be part of the fun to me, even if I have no interest in it myself I like see people play in different styles. If anyone has a problem with that, well that’s more of their problem than yours, cause without people trying different stuff we all might still be doing picture tricks and 2a would still be king.

If that’s how you like play who cares. At the end of the day it’s your toy, so play with it however you want, hope you have more positive experiences in the future, and yeah I know the “don’t care about what other people think” line is easier said than done, especially when it’s human nature to get in our heads sometimes, I just hope even if it bothers you to some degree try not to let get in the way of your own enjoyment, peace! :grinning::v:t3:

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I get you, and for sure don’t want to sound like I’m minimizing your struggles, but I can’t imagine it is that hard for you to relate with anyone since:

  • Mobius is very much a secondary 1A style. It’s not like something or someone other that yourself is forcing you to only play mobius. You can bust out some 1A when you’re in a group of yoyoers and let them be impressed by your stuff.

  • You do very impressive tech, and tech is something very admired by a lot of yoyoers. You could connect with others sharing or teaching more of your tech ideas, and also learning from others.

So again, apart from your own views of how the community perceives you and your choice to only play mobius, nothing else is separating you from the community (from the perspective of soemone like me who is not in your position).

I’m just trying to see the silver lining in all of this. I for sure have to do that with myself to not feel discouraged from my physical separation with anything and anyone yoyo-related


@_Z1 - Who in their right mind would view such a unique and one of a kind style of yoyo play to be a joke? Quite simply, you are just far more innovative and creative than 99% of us yoyoers who just do the basic stuff. You are like a yoyoers yoyo player, what you do is art.

And yea, like EOS44 said, you can always just throw 1A if you want.


Can’t you combine the two into combos? I think you do anyway.

It’s not all or nothing, the play styles can compliment each other, not stand in contrast.