Any other drummers who find their play influenced?

I’ve been playing drums pretty much all my life, since pots and pans on the kitchen floor before I could walk.
I’ve always found my play is influenced my my rhythmic response to whatever I’m listening to while throwing, not as much as a player but as a drummer.

Any other drummers have that situation; where you find yourself thinking like a drummer while throwing, deciding where the Yoyo goes and for how long more as a factor of the rhythm over the needs of a combo?
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Not drumming, but guitar.

Make sense as well.i find when I’m not playing to some sort of music, in my head or phones, that I become much more focused on technical execution as opposed to when I have music going in which I it’s sort of more like a dance. Not that I can or would want to dance in any real sense.
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I don’t do drums, but I play the piano and several other instruments (composer)
I also do other art forms (photography for example)

it’s all the same to me, I work the same way in all crafts, and whatever works in one, also works in the others. in the end, it’s all about expressing yourself. you need vocabulary/technique, culture/ideas, and something to say/inspiration. Then you put it all together and just make art.

Yes I play drums and actually do find it influences my play a little bit. Interesting observation, very cool.

Mine is influenced because I play guitar.

Yoyoing to music is a dance. Without music all I can do is disjointed tricks, but when I yoyo to the beat of a song i can truly achieve art.

Same here. Well put.
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rhythm is a very important part of many things, yoyoing is no exception. I find it that working with a very slow metronome or beat greatly helps with the overall flow in both yoyoing or playing an instrument.