A Very Quick Survey For All You YoYoers. (It's a Yes or No Question)

(SR) #1

I’ve noticed that a lot of yoyoers are drummers also. I wanted to get some numbers to see if Im right. Please vote even if you aren’t a drummer as I want to see how many of the people that took the survey are drummers.


I want to be a drummer.


Making this short and sweet. No.


guitar buy not drums

(WildCat23) #5

You should have a “No, I play an instrument” option. lol, just kidding The drummer in my band is pretty good.


I play guitar, but i’d love to be a drummer, my parents won’t let me get a drum set because they’re too loud…




The closest I get to drumming is hitting my desk with my thumbs to the beats of my favorite songs.


Yes, I played percussion in my school band last year and I plan to this year.


Yes. All my life.

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no drums but I do like slapping stuff pretending I’m drumming.


You’re half way there. Snag some sticks. My first drum set was pillows on my bed when I was 6.

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Nope, I play sax.

(Shaneola) #14





You should edit the title to say you’re asking if people are drummers.

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(WildCat23) #17

Well, then you’d have the group of drummers come and vote “yes” while the rest of the people ignore it because they’re not. It’s all about the way you ask it.




I can some basic compes but I’m not a drummer


I’m a bassist