hey guys

condition: 2 chips on edge of rim, doesn’t effect play
response: 70% of the time doesn’t require a bind
bearing: just replaced it
sleep time: i don’t consider my self having the best throw around and i got it to sleep for three minutes
and ten seconds
balance: perfect in every way
grinds: pretty good, it’s what i learned on

wiling to trade for- any yyf full metal in good condition unresponsive or hitman good condition unresponsive, or new breed good condition unresponsive.
I have the power to turn down! please post pics of the yoyos you want to trade
I’ll post pics as soon as i can!

What color is it?

Will yo take any of these for it? I don’t care what color. I hear hitmans are pretty similar to new breeds.

DUDE!! I WILL TRADE YOU FOR A DV888. i’ts got some scratches on the rim, but it plays great, and has brand new response pads

Well there goes all hope of me getting it.

sry dude. i probably found a better deal for mine anyways, so you still have a chance.