Any Old YYJ Models?


Just looking to see some pics, not tryin to buy (if your interested PM me :wink: ) post your old YYJ models here


No one has retired YYJ’s?


K I’ll post pics of my YYJ 2003 Hitman Hybrid later, it’s sick.


Would Just like to warn people that iyoyo58 will pm you with trade offers if you post in this thread

Proto slim jamboo

Signed and numbered gold rim black knight


Big Kahuna

Marble Speeder

Camo Xconvict

worlds nm4

Marble NM3

Big Bens

Enyo Lynn



Super Scientist

Dark Magics

Only own the japan nats patriot, nats 06 patriot and lynn still but figured you’d like the pics
If you go through some of the collection pics in there you’ll see a couple yoyojams that I never took a select picture of and I actually have 2 flickrs since I hit the 200 limit a while back and have since forgotten the logon info for it :confused:


I asked about the enyo Lynn in your BST, you can’t jump to conclusions dude.


i have an old sbz with one half that’s cracked in two pieces :’(

(Q) #7

Have I had posession of that yoyo?


yeah and it finally died :frowning: fly to nh cause im having funeral for it.


how’d it break?


Just got my DM1 back :slight_smile: it’s mirror polish :slight_smile: ill post pics later


Spin factor hg

Yoyojam clesiah


second one looks cool. What does “hg” stand for?


heavy gravity=hg


thanks. And take down that I will PM offers -.- I’m not doing that, you just jumped to conclusions


Here are a few.


I’m so jealous.


What is the first one?

(WildCat23) #18

An original Dark Magic.

Nice hg’s people. I’ve always thought that they were cool.


Im dying inside!


Gotta love NH