Any offspring sites?

I’m not looking for buying, I do that here at tho lovely site, just are there any sites that have more offspring trick tutorials than this? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find any…

Haha sorry offstring*, my iPod loves correcting me

That would do it :slight_smile: thanks



Yeah - we will have those actually integrated into the site soon!


Thanks Andre!

Haha thanks :slight_smile:

Until yoyoexpert puts them up you could go to


that doesn’t have any tutorials other then 1a…

Why wait until YYE puts them on the web site? They are already on the YouTube channel for YYE. Go ahead and use that until YYE is able to take the time to provide links to them via their web site like the rest of the learning section. It’s good stuff. DO NOT miss out on those videos just because it’s not “on the YYE site”.

In fact, and don’t take this the wrong way, DO NOT limit your learning to the YYE web site. Andre’s tutorials via EHow are great, no question about it. There are plenty of other resources. The way I see it, the more angles, views, interpretations and angles, the better. Whatever one video doesn’t do for you, another one might. There’s so many amazing videos and great tutorials.

Oh I know, I use a few sites, this one just seems to have the best, but I use others for slow motion vids and stuff

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hehe, I just noticed.

is what I think he means.

Or he was making a joke with the op title name. :stuck_out_tongue:

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