Any long boarders?

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I was just wondering if anyone was out there… is so share your board! I ride a Loaded Tan Tien Flex With paris 180 gloss black trucks, orange Orangatang stimulus wheels, Venon bushings, and super red bearings.


Half of my school rides cruisers.


I have a sector 9 cloud 9 and a landyachtz Evo. The Evo has seismic trucks, orangatang in heats, and magic motion potion bearings. I love that board to death.


Fellow Xbone owner!

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:o das nice


Here’s the side shot. The profile of the Evo is so sexy haha


I ride my Omen Suger, with some Liam Morgan Blood Orages, and Gold Death Rays.

Love it.


My 925 has the exact same graphic, kinda annoying how they’re recycling them.


My brothers old 925 had the “It’s business time!” Girrafe!
Now he has a mini sugar and a baffle. My dad has the 925 now.


im riding and apex40 double concave with two patches of vicious grip, nose guards, 50° caliber trucks, butterballs, seismic tekton bearings and venom bushings. 360° front side slides for DAYS

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hows the double concave? I tried a sector nine and it was all stiff and didnt feel good… are apexes like that?


Downhill boards are stiff.


Yeah my cloud 9 Cruiser is flexy as hell and super fun, and my Evo is a tank :slight_smile:

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Are those Seismic trucks?


Sure are. I love them.


I ride an original freeride 41 with Paris trucks, orangatang 4 president wheels, venom bushings, and bones super reds. It’s my pride and joy

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WANTTTT!!! :o ;D


I have a Original Freeride 38 W concave. ITs got bears.


I ride a sector 9 paradiso, everything stock except with eastside nosejobs on both ends, and bones ceramic bearings.

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