Any info on the next 7 Summits release?

Is there anyone out there that happens to know when the next 7 Summits will be released? I’ve got to make sure I have money saved, I keep missing out.

Kosciuszko, coming soon

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That is beautiful :0

Onedrop has pics on their Flickr already of the new run, as you can see one above. Not sure about release date. Is this the 5th or 6th of the set? I lost count already lol. Still debating on getting one.

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I’ve been trying to get one but every time they release it, it seems I miss out before I can get my hands on one. This time when I get the money saved I won’t impulse buy any thing else and just wait, lol. I can always buy anything at any later time, but these being limited just means I need to make sure I get one

Wow that looks awesome.

5th, we still have Antarctica and Asia left

Just shipped these out to retailers a few days ago! No set drop date. Keep an eye out!

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