Any ideas on YoYoJoker outlet models?


There are a variety of ‘outlet’ models available which are priced significantly lower than the A-grade models. Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they worth trying, rather than paying the full price?


I’ve heard they’re just as good. The outlet models are essentially b-grades. Definitely worth trying, seeing as you get nearly 50% off full price for a little bit of vibe.


Thanks very much for the response. I have ‘competition’ grade KLR and I’m not sure I would be able to tell the difference, that thing is so smooth, so if it’s like that then I’d give it a punt. Anyone else with input? I was just hoping to find someone who’d thrown one.


I’d like to know aswell.


Alex (I forget his last name), who goes by ‘pertyo’ on the YYE boards, had a pair of Outlet Eternities a while ago, you could try contacting him.


I just wanted to update this thread, for future reference if anyone cares. I picked up an ‘outlet’ YoyoJoker Eternity. My first impressions are that it plays exactly like I would want it to, but the vibe is more noticeable than I was expecting. I can’t say I care, but those purists that don’t want to be able to feel a throw, go for the A-grade.


I’ve got a pair of outlet version Eternity. The vibe is noticeable if you’re looking for it but they still play like champs.