Any bass fishermen


I just started bass fishing. Any tips you can give me? This is also a general fishing thread.


What type of bass are you fishing? Small mouth, stripper, black bass… what waters are you fishing?

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Yep all that will help. Each type of bass is a little different. The area you’re fishing (pond, lake, river, etc) will be slightly different.

I’ve been going to Northern Ontario for almost 30 years now, the majority of those years I went mulitiple times. Bass, Walleye and Northern fishing. 4 years ago I started fly fishing, hoping to go bass fishing this year using my fly rod :slight_smile:

Generally look for rocky bottoms, tree logs, shorelines that have trees blown over and in the water. Bass will use these areas as cover. Spinner baits, smaller top water jerk baits and rapala’s are all favorites of mine. At least for Smallmouth and Largemouth.


Baby brush hog is what I catch 90% of my bass on. The other 10% is on a blue rattle trap. But seriously baby brush hogs are awesome.


Oh yeah and that’s for large mouth and small mouth.


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I’m for any bass really. I live in central Cali near San Fran