any fisherman out there?


im a pretty avid fisherman i live in saskatchewan canada lots of monster fish out here are there any other fisherman out there? post some pics of your last catch . my favorite fish to catch has to be rainbow trout cause they fight like crazy.


i fish when i can, i wouldn’t consider myself avid but in MD i like going fishing when its time for rockfish.


I’ve put this up before, but it’s the only video of me with a fish.  Buggs Island Lake in Virginia.  The world record blue catfish (143 lbs.) was caught in this lake.  Despite what the title says, this is a flathead, not a blue.  I’m the tall one, with my buddy Wilson.


heres some photos of me with some fish i caught within the year a 37 inch rainbow trout, burbot and a northern pike



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I’m not avid,but I fish


This guy is…

Story and video here.
That would be enough to make me an inland waters fisherman only.


Now there is a hardcore fisherman!


Yeah I fish all the time. Mostly rainbow trout, but anything really. I live in southern oregon.


rainbow my favorite fish!