Anti-Yo Lives On


We’ve created a new Twitter profile for Anti-Yo so that i don’t bombard my Self Edge related followers with yoyo news:

In case you want to follow my personal/Self Edge twitter:

The YWET releases at all stores November 10!

(laxdude99) #2

what is the price for YWET




does that include yye?


Yoyo Envy?
Yo Yella Easter?
Yuck Yanky Eggs?


yoyo expert :stuck_out_tongue:


So what is the DRI-YWET? Are there any pics? I would love to get some details up on


same question


The yoyo changes color drastically and all we currently have are used ones, we’d rather put up photos of what they’ll look like new. We think it’s the best looking yoyo we’ve ever done.
The release date is now January 20th and there’s only 100 of them being made, we’ll have photos to post the first week of January.


DANG! I was really hoping to get one by VA States. horrible news for a horrible day