Anthro stuff.

Just putting this here, for those that are into the sort of thing, interested to see any other members anthro style artwork and anything else anthro related.

Some stuff I have done recently. Done all digitally, been trying to get better at it, digital stuff is very new to me as I am more of a traditional kind of guy.

Yes going for behind the back suicide catch, haha

Something I literally just finished,

anyways, carry on.


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Too many red highlights and your nose is shaped of a heart.
Just sayin’

He is supposed to have allow of red highlights. Haha, just like my own hair is sometimes.

And yeah I am still working on getting a correct nose.


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Minute changes can be everything.

I love GIMP.

Quick reference sheet I sketched up.
Basically for the purpose of getting the exact colors correct for future art, correct colors for people I may commission for art, and possible reference for fursuit when and if I ever choose to have one done.

That is all, lol

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I saw one picture where the guys reference sheet took up half the page. Given, the picture was on of those more graphic ones.

Yeah people can get insanely detailed in their ref sheets.
It depends on why you need it. in the case of simple colors for art and design, simple is usually what you see.
But when you get those that want to do highly detailed fursuits, or commisions from noteworthy artist, they will usually have much more detailed ref sheets with multiple angles, every body section, close ups, notes, etc.

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