another star was born! ... new YYF Onestar bi-material - the Bi(g) 1star


this time … was born a monster!
From previous experience (,95299.0.html), I tried to optimize the weight distribution, I removed the material in the upper part, by changing the shape and the steel rings are thinner but more profound … for a total weight of 12 grams.
The result is stunning! total weight as well as photos 63.40 gr. no vibe, rates spin as metal yoyo, agile and fast.
I was hoping you could come out something good … but I did not imagine so much and I hoped  mainly because this yoyo I haven’t done it for me, it is a gift, and given that the recipient is a very active and often present in international events, maybe It happens to prove it.
To do that it took 4 hours, clearly still lacking all finishes (blasting, axis system, etc.) I think I can finish tomorrow.
The start was not the best because the white plastic not only changes the color but also for the consistency and work badly enough … but in the end everything went wonderfully well … and that’s what counts!

Final specifications:
Diameter: 55,30 mm
Width: 42,90 mm
Weight with brass blind nuts: 64.80 gr. (With original axis: 63.43 gr.)
response system: slim pad 19 mm
Bearing: flat 8 balls - Dry lubricated with graphite powder


Nice work!


Yes, very nice!


Thanks guys…


only blasted… this yoyo is perfect so, It is all substance and doesn’t need frills.


Coming from someone who just ordered there first W shape midrange, that is incredible!


thank you so much!


current weight 64.80 gr.


Looks good!


You cut quite a bit of weight from the last one!
That looks really nice!


Thanks so much!!!
It is really good, as you can see the yoyo has no vibration and spin times are much like a aluminum yoyo… I’m really pleased with the work performed.
I apologize for not having published other video or better videos that this but I have a problem with sd of my reflex (a Samsung Evo Plus) that automatically stops recording and I are waiting there I arrive the new sd replacement


That looks great!


Test shot a few days ago, when it was still not final axis and the bearing it was not dry lubricated with graphite