another one from montreal...

Another little test…enjoy!
Nothing special…

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Le Rapper Chic! “Et je rap… en francais…!” (you’re probably too young to remember that one…)

Je blague; je farce, je joke. :wink:

Nice skills. French rap is actually quite good. Saw a few elements in there that I’m going to rip off immediately, like front finger grind to plastic whip!


Ahahah le rapper chic…i totaly forget about that!good old days!

Thanks for watching!

Hey guys!
Can we do a meet in montreal, I would love to see some live stuff and pick some tricks, share, all that jazz… I have been yoyoing purely due to internet and by my self.
I am 29, I can move my butt, I just want to (all the above.)

Alas, with a brand new baby and a rambunctious 3.5-year-old I am not very mobile. I’m lucky if I can find half an hour in the day to practice for myself, never mind a road trip and meetup. I might be able to find a way to make it happen, but it’s long odds.

We are waitng for the perfect date for the meeting…i let you know by PM! :slight_smile:

Keep me in the loop!

Génial! Jai hate!