ANOTHER monkeyfinger yoyo contest, these guys are giving away a second lesula!

Heard over to the monkeyfinger Design Facebook page and submit a name and backstory for a cartoon character posted there.  INformation and link to the image below.  Let me know if the image doesn’t appear, I have not idea how to embed an image here, but even if you don’t have a facebook account you should be able to see the picture.

Sooooo… We’re gonna have another contest! Yup giving away another THROW a brand new LESULA. Since we hit 1,050 likes. We always said every 100 likes and it looks like were up again! So thank you! thank you !
Here is the contest
look at this sweet drawing our friend and artist Blair Dawes sketched up for us. We need a name for our Character as well as a short paragraph introducing his quest for?? the Lesula from MFD and anything else you may decide to add. Use the image to build your idea. The Best Name for our character and story introduction of our new throw will win a brand new Lesula from MonkeyfingeR Design.

good luck!
post to our page

(this should be the image)

Man… No facebook.


Stay tuned, I’ll post the pic and contest info here and you can reply here and I’ll pass it along.

The info for the contest is in the post, let me know if you have questions.

A long time ago, in a South American Jungle, a great adventurer by the name of Lucky Pavone was searching for the greatest treasure of all time. He searched and searched. He found a monkey by the name of Timothy. This monkey had an extraordinary talent of being able to use the English language… So, Timothy told Lucky an ancient riddle, “Say my name and I disappear. What am I?”… Lucky Pavone thought and thought. He asked the villagers of Bolivia, they didn’t know the answer to this mysterious riddle. So, Lucky thought about it again… He thought and thought… Then, Lucky thought he had figured out the answer! He went to the monkey Timothy. He asked him, “Is the answer… ‘Silence’?”
Timothy started chuckling, he laughed and laughed… He said, “Why yes! You are correct!” “Now, here is your reward! A great new company is in the makings of a new yoyo! It is called the Lesula! Here you go!” So Timothy gave Lucky the brand new Lesula, and Lucky lived happily ever after because he found the greatest toy around.

The end.

Wow, didn’t know I’d spend that much time on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s EDIT:ndiana bob Montana smith with his yoyo whip and side kick monkey Fred to keep him supplied with lots of monkey snot!

Very nice. I have posted it. Keep them coming!

Alberta Gagnon

Alberta Gagnon, an archaeologist on a quest for “Lesula” the legendary return top of the ages. His search has taken him from the Canadian tundra to the Indian Ocean and finally to the “Temple of Throw”. He and his faithful primate sidekick Buford Phlegm (will respond to Buff or Snot) embarked on this their most notable endeavor. Armed with nothing but their wits and his Jade Whip are setting out on yet another epic adventure.

Stay tuned…

I have a name… Lol Charles Catrol Vancliechin III

When is this over?

Sorry, this one ended earlier this week. Keep your eye out, 45 more ‘likes’ on the Facebook and there will be another contest. I’ll post it here again.