Another mixed bag on eBay

Pocket Rocket, Came-yo Mondial, 1999 world championship Terminator, ProYo Ace, G5 Elite, red translucent Spin Faktor. Thanks for looking!! Jim

Oh and a re-listed cyclotron.

Rather than list them all here, if you do an advanced search on eBay, look for items for sale by Tommydorsey. Or, I’ll list them here…


That pocket rocket! Oh boy. I never tried one of those. And i want to. I might place a bid


Just put another Pocket Rocket on eBay, silver, excellent condition.

A few more - Fission, Matrixx, TK Mini-8, and a Barbed Wire G5.

Tommydorsey Yo’s

Added some new yo’s - YYJ Night Moves 4, Spin Faktor First release, Red Spin Faktor, Alchemy Silk, Dr Yoyo Boltleg, Metallic Missile, and a ProYo Nuclear Bee.

Tommydorsey yo’s

I just took the Night Moves off, my advisor noticed that there are some hairline cracks in both sides. I didn’t see them, didn’t know what I was looking at. Will relist.


What’s the story behind this one? DR YoYo Bootleg

No story, that I know of. Don’t remember where it came from, or when.

Dr. Yoyo is Chris Allen’s handle. I assume those are custom caps made for him. @DocPop any thoughts?


Other folks can help fill in the details, but Boltlegs were bootlegged Bolts made (I believe) from YYJ Patriots. These were popular after the Bolt was no longer being made, though some folks liked them just so they could have new colorways for the Bolt (which basically was available in Orange or Blue). @Feralparrot created the mod and the name, but I’m assuming Chris Allen made this one.


Ahh I remember now. @Ricerocket made the boltlegs. He or Chris likely made the custom caps.


THanks guys. Like I said, I don’t remember when/where I got this.

Those are not my work. I (FeralParrot) made a dozen or so Bootleg Bolts from Kicksides. I cut the sides down to Bolt size and removed Star burst and added o-ring grooves. Yes, as Doc says , it was only while the authentic Bolts were unavailable and I could not make them in original colors (orange, dark orange or blue). I made a few green, white, Light blue and pink (that was my fave). I used caps that looked just like Doc’s “orange arrows” graphics, with a red stenciled “bootleg” across them. Yoyojam’s web address was replaced by “ seriously”, ha!

I miss modding and I wish I had some of my mods to remember them by.


This one says " on both sides.

This one was a boltleg by Ricerocket who was a very active modder around the days of yoyonation around 08. He made these out of modded projams and that particular version was for a fundraiser


Yes, I used Projams as the base for the Boltleg. Those weren’t my caps, though. The original caps had a chicken with a bolt as a prosthetic leg on it. Lol. I’ll see if I can find pics of the original caps.


Yes…I have two of these bolts that Ricerocket made back then. One is white and one is orange.

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@dryoyo any insights?

Added a Pre-prod DV888, Black Mamba Steel, and Throw Down Shuriken. For some reason the Shuriken is not coming up in the eBay search.

Tommydorsey yos

Even when I use the item number it’s not showing up on my end on Ebay.
The shuriken