Various Yo-Yo's and YYR gear up on my eBay

Hi guys, I’m thinning out my collection and raising funds to expand my vending machine route so I decided to put a few lots on my eBay account. Most of these will be over in a day, I meant to post them here sooner but just incase anyone is interested in any of the lots here is the link:

I’ve got a lot of beginner/intermediate throws up, a few of the lots have advanced yo-yo’s. There are three lots containing prototypes of the BassBoost and Beast yo-yo’s. I’ve kept one of each for myself and decide to let the rest go. Each lot has a large amount of pictures because there are so many different yo-yo’s that I needed to show scratches or dings on.

I’ve attached a picture of the most of the yo-yo’s that got listed (displayed in the yo-yo case). For individual pictures and lot pictures click the link above.

Thanks for looking, have a great day! -Mike

I have a pack of YYE trading cards on ebay from 2010, not sure if anyone here is interested in stuff like that but just in case here is the link:

I clicked your link and notice that there are 13 items for sale. There seems to be more than 13 in the case.

Specifically the bottom row of raw ones is what I’m most interested in.

Pm me if those are for sale or listed somewhere.