Another mixed bag on eBay

I just created a dup, deleted the first one, and the same thing. EBay is supposedly working on it…

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Right on. Thanks!

If anyone is interested in the Shuriken, let me know through messaging. I’ve tried three times now to have search find it, no luck.

Shuriken is find-able now.

Added a painted Roller Woody and a painted 3-in-1.

Just added - CLYW Man V Bear 1st edition with box, Tom Kuhn 3-in-1 laminated Special, Nuclear Bee, and two Custom Yo-Yos - Mag and AXL. Thanks for looking!


Tommydorsey yos

And again, for some reason, one yo is not showing - the Custom MAG. I believe it will be there eventually…

Four perfect SPYYs listed. I’m saving my Super Light with box for later…

Thanks for looking.


Tommydorsey yos

Just listed three Team Losi’s - Grim Sleeper, Cherry Bomb, and Silver Series. Also a SuperYo Typhoon, Small Minds Zombie, and a ProYo Nevermore.

Also listed is a first-edition E1NS, perfect condition, with the bag, extra axles, extra bearing, and original instructions.

See them all here: Tommydorsey yos

Thanks for looking,


Aha, I found a yoyo in my collection last week with no caps and I just realized it is a Typhoon. I would have never figured it out.

And I set the junior world record for sleeping with a Zombie (someone broke it hours later with a YYJ Mega SF that had a ceramic bearing though).

Anyways, sorry for spamming. Free bump I guess?


And now, for $20, you can relive those halcyon days!!!


Just added:
First run Wasabi, perfect condition
First run 888 (2007) perfect condition
X-Ray Bee
yin/yang ProYo

Thanks for looking!


Tommydorsey yos

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Do you ship internationally?

Through eBay, yes. Japan, Australia, Canada so far.

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