Would anyone be able to anodize a ring for me? I need a simple anodizing of a ring to put on my finger. If anyone knows how to anodize and is willing to do this (for payment.) Please let me know.

How would you even anodize metals at home? I think some people have actually done it here but it sounds crazy hard to me.

Presumably in the garage!

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Yeah it’s not really a “garage” operation unless you’ve got a well ventilated garage.
If you aren’t too particular about the color, I’d suggest you search for a shop near you that does anodizing. They might be willing to put your ring in with another run of parts for a reasonable price


All it takes is a good power source, a couple of electrodes, and a big vat of acid. What could go wrong? :upside_down_face:


Not rocket science… You can type into a search bar; ‘how to anodize at home’.

And pull up a few dozen good explanations.

Better yet; go to YouTube and type in the same thing…

And watch a good number of very easy to follow ano procedures…

Here is one. And those guys sure don’t look like Einstein…

…On the down side. Messing with Acid can present some seriously bad situations.

If you splash Acid on yourself; or worse yet; get any in your eyes; YOU LOSE!
I don’t care how fast you get help; you will Instantly realize why the word ‘Acid’ even sounds kinda dangerous.

There are 3 primary ways to get eaten alive: Cannibals, wild animals and Acid. Now if the Cannibals catch you; you always have a chance of saving yourself by carrying some good yoyos to trade and some Plutonium string. If you run into a man eating Pig; you can always fake him by shouting, ‘Wolf behind you’! When he turns around; just put him in an Arm Bar and keep him locked until he taps out😉. But Acid is different. You make a mistake fiddling with Acid; and you suffer.

…Read this text/step by step on home anodizing. Much better awareness regarding how to be safe; than the format of the YouTube link I posted.

I think Rosenberg has the best suggestion. Go to an Ano type Shop and maybe they will run it along with their next batch of some color you might like,

You run into the right (nice) guy; and he will do it…


It’s doable, but not for the faint of heart. I stopped years ago because of the fumes it creates (really nasty) and well, I got tired of it.

If you want to anodize at home, you really need to commit time and resources to doing it well.