Anodized Spin Dynamics Flow or CLYW AC2


I’ve been thinking about getting a new throw. I like both the Flow and Arctic Circle 2 (at least based on spec). I own a nickel plated Flow and love it, which is why I’m considering the anodized version - same throw, just a little lighter.

The AC2 seems like a beast of a throw also. Any suggestions?


I would go with AC2. You already have a flow and the slight difference in weight between the 2 doesn’t make a massive different. I’d rather own something completely different.

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Once again Sparhawk hits the nail on the head. bang

Personally, I would also go with trying something new. Whilst the slight weight difference may offer a bit of a difference in the feel of the flow, throwing something completely new it always and exciting experience. :slight_smile:

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AC2, but I prefer the original for it’s unique weight placement.