Ano Splash Raised on Werrd 2k13 Hour


Hey guys, I got a silver w/ green splash Werrd Hour in a trade today, and it seems that the green splash is actually slightly raised above the silver base. Why is this? I’ve never seen this type of finish on any other throw before, and it seems to effect grinds quite greatly. Plus no matter how much I tune and tinker with it there’s a pretty consistent vibe, not much but it’s definitely there. Even tried switching the bearing. Is this normal with hours or werrd yoyos in general? I’ve never owned one before this so I have no idea. I’ll appreciate any feedback I get! Thanks guys.


Hour ano can be a bit thick. But not enough to affect grinding. The vibe is typical though. I had a hint of vibe in mine. Of course, mine was pre-2k13, but I assume they didn’t change anything.


My Skyline’s splash is bumpy as well.


If it is a silver splash then the silver part your seeing is just bare aluminum, then they might do a really light clear coat, so yeah, if the actual colored anno is thick, it’s going to be visibly different.


That makes sense, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that possibility. Thanks man!

Yeah now that I think of it I had a friend who lost interest in yoyoing and let me borrow his orange/blue splash skyline for a couple days to see if I wanted to buy it. It had a similar feeling on the splash, but not as much as this. I can literally pick at the green splash with my fingernail lol. Thanks for the feedback guys!