Ano and blast


So I want to maybe get my raw yoyo blasted and anodized. Who should I contact? Is spotted banana still doing stuff?


Mullicabob will blast it and send it to England1414 for a good ano. All good work I recommend them.




Was nardcopter’s info not helpful enough?

Both people do amazing work and charge much less than they could.

And no, SB isn’t doing ano work anymore.


Agreed. These guys are the only people doing custom orders and have decent knowledge about ano on the forums. I don’t know of anyone else. And Bob does amazing PCs. And England has some great anos, he will basically do anything you wanted


Omg Mullica X England combo is beast. Get a Sand or Soda Blast by Mullica. Tell him to send it to England directly. He anodizes it.

You get a yoyo with an AMAZING grind finish topped of with a sick ano job.
What more can you ask? O3O


Only reason not to send it to England is international shipping. Jk. I just don’t like that type of splash, it’s more like lines vs splash. Like the two examples below. I like the cascade type splash. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, it’s just my preference.


You could ask him if he could do a splash more like the style you want.


i tried but he didn’t understand.


Just ask for a splash that is thicker ???


It’s not just thicker, it has more of a splatter-type look to it, not like someone painted lines on a yoyo.


Give him pictures. Comparisons should do the trick.


i did.


England is awesome. Just did 2 for me. Only positive things to say. Great to deal with, great customer service.


He got the Majesty right lol