Announcing the Hard Knock Dif-Series yoyos by Dif-e-Yo

I hadnt seen this posted any where on the forums here so thought I would Looks awesome!

Hard Knock Specifications:

Category 1 : Mil-Spec type III Hard Anodize Finish in Black
Category 1A : 001" Penetration / .001" Build up
Category 2 : Lasered Graphics

1st Release: Dif-e-Yo JUGGERNAUT yoyo


Diameter = 2.100" / 53.340 mm
Width = 1.560" / 39.625 mm
Weight = 67 grams

String gap = .177" / 4.5 mm wide

Response System:

.045" deep pad pocket :
uses .555 Dif-Pads or .555 pads of choice.
Stacked one .030 thick and one .015 thin each side = Flush pad response

Alternate Response System:

Flowable Silicone

JUGGERNAUT ready status:

1st run in Assembly and Packaging stage into Clear Lid cans.
Will ship to stores when correspondence verification is complete.

Launch date will be announced when Juggernauts reach unified launch ready status.

Best Regards, Frank