Ann Connolly H.O.T. yoyo


Does anyone have the Ann Connolly HOT yoyo? does it play well? i have been wanting to get it and then i saw the sale, is it worth what it costs? Thank you for your imput!


the H.O.T is great yoyo, go for it dude, i traded my old pink awhile back, i want the Anne edition myself its gorgeous, and im from VA so i needs it in my collection…do it, you wont regret it.


Wait whats VA? and so it is totally worth what you pay for?nor regrets at all about buying this yoyo? also is the size ok?


Anne C. is from D.C/Virginia(VA) so i always get her colorways, been trying to get to that one but my money isnt in order. Anyways, The size is alil overbearing if your not used to large diameter (cup size) but its a wonderful throw, most of them that people throw are extremely smooth. always a SLIM chance out of any company or any throw that you get one with alil vibe/tremble. But this throw has a good rep. i had to break myself alil while back for buying high-end. Most of the time its definitely worth it. the H.O.T is great yoyo. ied say go for it, cuz im 95% sure you wont regret it. plus the 20% off deal right now, cant beat that. DO IT! and get back at me XD. -Grinch


^ H.O.T. is average size diameter, and on the wide side, but not to an extreme. It feels like a solid throw to me, plenty smooth, and spins like crazy. I think it’s a great deal. It’s a beautiful colorway. H.O.T. is in my 12 case of mains. Here are some photos of mine: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


sorry for not being as specific as you XP, i just like undersized besides my albatross and triton, my opinion is also focused on how well my memory can be. XD which isnt always good. Ty for helping him with this topic,and specifying the throw better than I. (not sarcasm) i do appreciate it. TY
see TA thinks its good, go for it dude.


I think you did just fine. I just had to chime in because H.O.T. is one of my favorites. My understanding is that it is out of production too, so whatever is on the shelves is all you will have the opportunity to get. When Too H.O.T. hits the market in October, there will be no more H.O.T. So, get them while they’re H.O.T., especially at 20% off. :wink:



you guys must stop tempting me so…

the HOT is very HOT,

maybe they will give me one tomorrow if I get to their HQ.


thanks for the info on the TOO HOT.


I’m also considering the Ann Connolly HOT b/c of the sale (and the 10% from the worlds pack!). I was originally thinking about just getting a pink protostar but this is SUPER tempting. Decisions decisions! :wink:


How do you guys make up tricks… i get stumped #uncreative!


I like it but sometimes it feels like the string slips off the yoyo when i’m landing hops. But I do like that it is very solid for spin.


Amazing yoyo, even more amazing colorway.

I would own one of my own if I didn’t mind having Ann’s signature (literally) right on the yoyo. For some reason it bothers me though. Ended up being a deal breaker. :frowning: