Ann Connolly collection (Lots of pictures!)


I get that these aren’t particularly rare, some of them are harder to get than others but I’ve finally finished what I’d consider to be a “complete” collection of Anns edition yoyos so figured this would be the right place to share.

Here they are, complete with her Yo String Lab Ammo string.

Without the string

My favorite Shutter. The “white” isn’t as white in person, it’s much more grey but it’s still a very pretty yoyo.

The HOT. I feel like I didn’t do quite as well as others. Still, it’s a staple part of the collection.

Czech Point is the newest of the collection. I have to say, the colour choices here aren’t what I’m used to from Anns yoyos. The grey really doesn’t add that pop that all of her other yoyos have. I guess I’m not a big fan of the muted colours on yoyos as others but I definitely feel it could have been done better.

I never would have bought a Yuuksta if it weren’t for this edition. Everything made me think it’d play just like every other undersized yoyo of this era - bricky - but it honestly doesn’t. I really like it, it’s become my favorite 50mm yoyo.

These were some of the hardest to find. They’re some of the best looking and playing versions of the Genesis you can find so it’s understandable that people who own them wouldn’t want to give them up. I got one of them from Joe Wilson himself!

The Avant Garde is another one I wouldn’t have tried if it wasn’t for this edition. Very nice shape, long spin times and chill play. It’s a great yoyo.

You all know how a Superstar plays. The walls are particularly high on this one but it’s still very fun. The walls actually make learning rejections and injections a tad easier. I love that the stacks are different colours on each side too!

These were, the hardest to find. They didn’t make a lot of them and only sold them in China for obvious reasons. I got lucky and found them on a Chinese auction site. Cost way more than 3 Starbrites should. Happy they got here though!

It’s a Onestar. Not a fan, but needed it to complete the collection.

You know, a lot of people think the WHiP is a joke. I actually enjoy it a lot. The high walls, narrow profile and very light weight make it very fun. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s the best $10 you can spend on a yoyo.

So here it is. If anyone happens to have one that I don’t, I’ll pay very well for it, but I’m sure it’ll be one that never hit retail. The only two I know of are the HOT Mess which was given to Ann to give to friends and family and the Aviator 2 which is yet to be released!

What better way to support your favorite player than by collecting all her yoyos?


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There are amazing! Ann is my hero. And, my OCD really appreciates how complete the collection is. Thank you for sharing these.

Do you collect any other yo-yos?

Any vintage yo-yos, maybe?

Thank you!

I don’t collect vintage stuff, I mainly look for yoyos that play great and perform well. To that end, I try to keep a good selection of what I consider the best performing bi-metals in my cases. On top of that, I’ve got one of each of the Rebellion yoyos, I’ve started collecting MFDs but I’m not super serious about that atm, and I collect Titaniums. The Titanium collection is my most serious (and most expensive!). I’ll make a thread about that today I think.


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its cool that someone spent the time to complete the anne collection.

some very good colorways that dont get the love they deserve.

Damn right! Some of them are incredible.

You should come to EYYC and get all of them signed by her.

I’d love to but I can’t this year, family commitments. I’m hoping that a friend who is going is going to get one of those Shutter flyers signed though, and she frequently comes to London for YYF x Shaketastic events and I’ll try to make it to the next one she’s at.

I would really LOVE to go to EYYC, but family comes first.