angel hair string

i have some comeing in the mail any supper dupper tips you can give me on how to brake it in faster? or save my hands? ;D

Unfortunately, I am not aware of anything that can shorten break-time. Angel hair is like fishing line, and plays as such. :smiley: It’s ridiculously stiff during the first 10 minutes of play. After that, it retreats into string that feels just plain wiry (not that it’s bad). It’ll feel like this for quite a while.

However, you can save your fingers easily (whew!!!). Gloves work wonders. The other solution is to be careful about playing too long with angel hair, as it can even split callouses.

Angel hair is fun string, but also drives certain people nuts. It’s great you bought some to try. When you whip it, it makes a cool whooshing sound.

my homemade string makes the same wishing sound ;D thanks