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Issa slow grind

Yeah, well, so is Kwijibo (for me), so I feel your pain.

If you’re having issues with the first hop, there’s an easier way to do it

No, it is the final hop into the DoN that vexes me.

Are you having a problem with popping the yoyo up high enough, intersecting the string, or landing on the correct string?

I don’t have a good handle on the best way to pop it up, and so it will end up flying all over the place and rarely ever lands on the correct string at the end.

I thought the most reliable popping method would come from separating my two hands quickly, but this just leads to my hands being far apart and at inconsistently odd angles with each other so that the “uncrossing” just creates a messy tangle that is almost guaranteed to not provide the string configuration for landing the DoN.

I gotchu tonight

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learning eli hops may be helpful with that trick. its just a “pop up” really, but eli hops really helps with learning how to pop in kwijibo

I never thought of that but you’re probably right. I really do need to learn and master that trick, and now I have a compelling reason to do so sooner rather than later.

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That last element is suuuper satisfying to hit and something I didn’t expect to learn anytime soon, considering how much trouble I’ve had with regular 3a trapeze consistency

I missed the Eli hops more tho :sweat_smile:


Hey @andy569 I’m considering picking up a pair of Replay Pros for 3A in the near future. Would you say solid colors work best with eachother for 3A putp

I don’t see why color would be that much of a factor in learning

Motivation to keep learning cuz of how much pure steez I exude.

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I think the marble replays look cool too :man_shrugging:


Dang watching Connor Seals story on IG makin me feel inadequate :joy:


Dude i saw that too. Things like that are just plain unfair ):

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@andy569 is there any one particular plastic yoyo model you’d recommend for getting through the beginner stages of 3a?


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Speaking of the ProtoStar, does anyone know if this one is particularly rare? I just love the color…


(In terms of remaining stock, it seems all the good colorways are gone.)

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Replay Pros are also good, I think they’re on sale on their site too(I might be thinking of a different yo tho)

Also, Barracudas on Duncan’s site for $25