Android Silver


What do you folks think about Google’s move from Nexus to Silver? Google having more control over Android, I think, will be a good thing (as opposed to the manufacturers/services doing whatever they want).

(Bína) #2

I’m afraid it will be end to Nexus devices. I always preffered getting nexus, I think they were always sold for great price and I really liked that you were guaranteed all android updates for few years.

On other hand, I just love pure stock android and I’m happy it will be more available.


Why get rid of the GP editions?


I do like a tighter control over OEMs, but on the other hand, I’ll miss the Nexus devices.

I’m curious as to what Google’s guidelines are though. I imagine the UI would have to be pretty clean/close to stock-Android, but I wonder about the development side. Would we get sources in order to make custom ROMs and/or Kernels?

I can trust Google and their guidelines to provide a clean UI, but I think I’d trust a dedicated developer more to handle the under-the-hood performance.