"And Whut" trick FAIL


For everyone throwing that knows landing a good trick takes practice and patience :-)  Don’t yoyo when you are tired and angry!


I’ve done this. 2 pots of coffee and yoyoing don’t mix. My DMII hit a desk pretty good–enough for the metal rim to pop off.


I know what that feels like. haha :slight_smile:


Um keep practicing… I guess( idk what else to say)


I know the feeling. Hang in there.


You have the webcam quality of a Chilean miner.

Just keep practicing.


haha, i do the same thing except when trying to create the extra twist in the under mount


I cried … for the yoyo. :’( hang in there. You will get it. Find your inner calm.


Been there…haha


Way to necro! :smiley: