americas got talent thread

whose your favorite acts,season,judge,or anything else?

Melissa Villasenor

shes hillarious,cant wait to see what she does next :smiley:

Howie Mandel = Best Judge Eva!!

who else saw ian johnson…

Yeah, I saw Ian Johnson, I new someone would mention him. He did good, but randy’s will soon get bored of yoyoing because most people want to see walk the dog and looping. but that can get very repetetive from the eyes of someone who doesn’t yoyo.

but a good amount of people on this forum aren’t from north america… (I don’t know if they air this show in central america or not…)

I want Landau Murphy Jr to win.
It’d be nice to see Dani Shay go to finals.

Ian Johnson should keep it up with the 4A and 5A and maybe add in some 3A.
The two previous yo-yoist did 2A and 1A I think and got kicked off after first round. Or was that Britain?

Ian johnson made it to Hollywood

what a fricken’ boss


saw tonights episode

talking parrot should win

that was hilareous… i loved it

Ian Johnson shold do some killer 3a.

his 3a is good