Am i the only one who gets mad at this?

I was watching ABC and saw that 2020 was doing something on animal attacks. Then i heard their tittle for the episode. “When Animals Strike Back” I thought that this sounds like they’re blaming the animals. The only reason alot of the animals attack is because thats their instincts. They felt threatend so fought back. I think this episode should be called " When People are Stupid and act like Idiots infront of Animals. Does anyone else get mad at this?

im not angry at it (and lol i thought i was the only one that watched 2020) but yeah youre right. like in shark attacks. whos the one invading someone elses teritory? humans are! it is humans that are swimming near there homes, not vice versa.

This also makes me irked. Definitely not the animal’s fault.

Anything that puts ratings over accuracy bothers me.