Am I making progress with these tricks in 42 days?

Good for 42 days?
Man on the flying trapeze
Double or nothing
Cold fusion
Split the atom
1.5 mount
Mach 5
Barrel rolls
Roller coaster
Houdini mount
The Matrix
Plastic Whip
Boing E boing
Gyroscopic flop


Kind of impossible to tell without video. Everyone learns at different speeds.


I can do most of them at a pretty good speed except I struggle with boing e boing and 1.5 mount

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How about flow? I find going fast doesn’t always mean good flow to the tricks

Edit: I agree with @KiLbUcK. Probably could do with a video


Yes that’s good progress.
Any progress is good though! :smile:
Boing e Boing will come consistent with long-term practice.
@yophilyo is right, focus on flow as soon as possible. Good flow makes any trick feel satisfying and look good, complex or not.

If you’re looking for new tricks to learn here are two suggestions:

  • Magic Drop and Shockwave, you’ll learn rejections
  • Kwijibo for some challenge, it’s a flashy trick and bonus: it teaches you a new way to enter 1.5 mount

I don’t really like filming myself. I pretty much know how to do most of the tricks pretty good. Just wanted to know if I’m making good progress on learning these tricks.

Thanks. And yeah I’m not really consistent with boing e boing, whenever I don’t practice it in a while I kinda lose how to do it.

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Yeah if you feel comfortable with the tricks then I’d say you were making good progress.

Do you use that ■■■■■■■■■■ app? That’s a great way to track your progress and gives new tricks and combos to learn.
Definitely check out those tricks @stringKnot mentioned. Will keep you busy for another month :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: didn’t realize I can’t say the name of the app. But there are tools out there to track your progress. Give them a shot


Btw thanks. Maybe I should stop learning new tricks for a while and just practice the ones I know so I can get good at the flow?

Yeah totally. I know you said you don’t like filming yourself but try film yourself just to watch back and see where you think you can improve. You don’t have to post the videos anywhere but sometimes I find it helps if I’m getting frustrated etc


K thanks guys

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Yes. This is very good.

Yes that other unnamed yoyo site is awesome, lol!

That is good progress for just over a month.