Am I at a disadvantage?

Do you guys think Im at a disadvantage if I stick the yyj metal/plastics over metals?

Also, how much better does hybrid response open up suicide loops?

No, there is no advantage of having metals in competitions over hyrbids. I use only Plastic yo-yos that they play as good as any Metal out there. I even use my Legacy instead of my Metal in a competition. As long as you can do trick then it’s good.

PS: I heard for suicides, hyrbid response does wonders.

Wonders you say? :o

How fast does a starburst wear down?

starburst will really never wear down to much to provide binds. It’s plastic. The rubber O-ring half might need to be replaced VERY infrequantly. And no i don’t really think your at a disadvantage. Personally, if you like them more than metals, i’d say you’d be at a disadvantage if you didn’t use them. They can be just as great as metals with enought skill. One more thing, yoyoing is first and formost about fun, and if you enjoy playing with hybrids more, that should be enough reason, even at competetions.

gasket maker the o-ring half :wink:

Not really, no. Modern metals are essentially just fancier versions of the YYJ $40 line anyway.

The difference is negligible, despite myths and hypotheses to the contrary.

starburst will really never wear down to much to provide binds. It’s plastic.
This is simply not true. Starbursts do wear down. It just takes a long time and a lot of play. I’ve seen them wear down in a year of serious play. Then you just recess it and add silicone.

I just ordered a y factor


Does priority deliver on saturday?

Yes, they deliver on Saturday.

ok then, topic lock

i used a dark magic and after around a month of play the hybrid response doesnt work and i am using a protostar and protege.

It’s not locked! :o :o

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