Alternatives to Duncan Silicone Friction Stickers?

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I have a Freebird that I rarely ever use because I don’t like it’s 12mm silicone sticker response. They stain my strings and are hard to get out of the packaging. One time, all 8 of the stickers peeled off some of the paper when I was trying to replace my response and it was a waste of an entire pack! Are there any other response pads that would fit in a Freebird yo-yo? The recess looks like it’s too shallow for flowable silicone.



General-Yo Hat Pads should work. Or you could try making Plasti-dip pads yourself, though there is a small initial investment since you need a sticker-maker :stuck_out_tongue:

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These? Are you sure they’re thin enough? They also look like they come in random colors. Those won’t stain my strings as well, will they?


Send it to me, I’ll deepen the recess for silicone lol


Might have to use flowable silicone
I use monkey snot it works fine it doesn’t stain the string
or just get a new yo :wink:


Contact the store to see what they recommend.


Just got in my shipment of another yoyo stores’ silicone pads for my freehand and they worked out pretty nice, pretty sure the freebird uses the same size


Correction, I meant the Gen Pads. However, I do take my comment back because Gen Pads are 555 sized and meant for C bearing yoyos. So since the Freebird is A sized, those won’t work.

Yoyospirit’s solution would definitely work if you really wanted flowable :stuck_out_tongue:
Now since it’s an A size bearing, you could also try Ir Pads because they still have A-size pads in stock. Haven’t tried them myself, but they are supposedly some of the best pads out there

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No thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those IrPads look great! Thanks so much!