Alpha Crash won't unscrew...................

I think I stripped my Alpha Crash due to over tightening, but it won’t unscrew. It just keeps turning and turning and it won’t come loose at all. Any tips on how to get it to budge? Thanks! :smiley:

You’re going to have to try pulling apart while unscrewing the yoyo. It may not work

Next time, don’t get angry and Hulk-out on the yoyo and twist it into oblivion. You may have done more damage. I’m not sure how the Alpha Crash is constructed, so you may have a damaged axle seat as well.

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This happened to my onestsr once, follow studio. I fixed it somehow…

I tried pulling it apart but no matter how hard I pull, it won’t seem to budge. Are there any alternatives?

Push and screw together, and unscrew again.