Alpha Crash Wobble?

So a friend was awesome enough to get me an Alpha Crash, which for the first 3 hours played great (smooth), but then I got a knot, unscrewed my yoyo, fixed it, and threw again.  Now it has a terrible pulsating vibe/wobble.  This is not the first time I unscrewed the yoyo and I didn’t crank it super tight or cross thread it.  And yes I have taken it apart and put it back together to see if that would fix it.

Has this happened to anyone else or did I get a bum one?

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Jamie Kennedy
Rebel Yo-Yos

You probably cross threaded it.

figured it out.

i didn’t cross thread it.

you have to line up the small triangles at the base of the side cap stickers (like a protostar).

Someone at YYE may want to contact C3 and see if they’re all set up like that because there aren’t any directions in the box so i forsee other people running into this problem too

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Yeah, I got two, a red and gray. Both wobble sometimes more or less when I unscrew them and what not. But it honestly doesn’t bother me due to the fact that they play great for the price.

Those are just there to prevent over tightening.