All That Jazz

My last video for a while, school is picking up and I foresee many all nighters in my future. This one’s a quickie.

All That Jazz

Thanks for the awesome strings Matt!

I’d appreciate any Likes/Comments/Subscriptions/Shares etc etc.

YoYo: CLYW FG Chief
String: YoYoStringLab Type X
Song: Blu - Jazmine (feat. Andy Allo)

Thanks for watching!


Very nice. The tricks and song combined well.

Very cool - Do I hear a little Brubeck or Desmond influence in that song?

As usual, that was sick. Good luck with school, and keep the videos coming once things slow down.

Dang… You’re pretty much as good as me…

How long have you been throwing?

Thanks guys!

The song is actually sampled from “Happiness Togetherness” by Heatwave. So not exactly Jazz, but theres definitely Brubeck-vibe influences in the beat, just missing that sax

Good as you? Nah

I’ve been throwing since October, so almost 4 months? If you add the couple months I threw in middle school a loooooong time ago, it’s like 5-6 months.

What!? That was insane!!! Are you a wizard? Man I have gots to subscribe!

Thanks man, if you subbed I appreciate it!

What?? 4 months? This is absolutely crazy!


I liked the vid. I’ve been throwing for a little over 5 months and just wanted to know where you learn your tricks. Web videos? Club? I have just been watching tutorials on some different yoyo websites. Tell me your secret.

Thanks! While most of my transition/filler moves are pretty common, the combos/tricks are all my own. Some elements/concepts/ideas I’ve discovered and figured out, and some are from different tricks, I just try to vary them to suit the way I like to play. I then piece together the movements that flow the best. Hope that helps.

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Now that’s awesome! You are an amazing thrower!

Thanks, appreciate it!