All New Yorkers there's going to be a yoyoing meet in the Palisades Mall

What’s up everyone?
There’s going to be a meet at Palisades Mall on May 2nd.
The meet is going to be from 2 to 5.
We will be meeting on the fourth floor in front of Buffalo Wild Wings/Ice Skating ring.
All skills levels/ages are welcome. Learn new tricks and try out new yoyo’s!
I know of some people that will definetly be there. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, so try to come.
Reply to this if you’re going.

Keep Throwing

damn i wish i could come im in kingston and im putting in my order for my dv888 on the first and i have no string or way to get up there ugh maybe next time

there’s no way?? If you go you can try out some of my throws and I’ll give you some string. There will be about 8 guys there just yoyoing and having fun. See if you can make it. Good luck with the dv8!

im trying to see if i cant catch a bus or something but its not looking good
i hate kingston ugh