All I can say is I am simply in love with this thing. Powder coated with a jaw dropping blue metallic this thing is hypnotic! It’s turning colors right before your eye’s in the sun. Indoors in the sun it was a light purple at one point. Spinning is just crazy hues of color jumping off of it.

It went on dreamy and I am simply thrilled with this one.

Enjoy the numerous pics…


Man thats gorgeous, i think i want a throw done up like that here in the near future

I’m ready when you are. This color is really something else man. It just sucks you in and makes you look at it.

I have more colors to offer up just have to get a few more rehab yoyos to do.

Thats beautiful. It makes me even more excited for the one you are gonna do for me!

:wink: Once I get the mix down we should have something pretty sweet.

Hype Hype Hype Hype Hype