All gone :)

Shipping not included. I can calculate shipping for you upon receiving your address.

More pics and info available upon request

Take all left for $100

$40 AC1 - some dings
GoneDrifter XL - mint
$35 Gauntlet - couple of pin pricks
$45 Sasquatch - very near mint, only a small mark
GONE Wind runner 7068 - mint
GonePhenomizm - mint no caps
GoneGamer - mint
GONE Shutter



That Sasquatch is tempting, looks like the 2014? One of my favorites of all time! Part of me is saying I need it as a backup. Someone needs to buy that! The blast on the finish is great! OneDrop made CLYW for only $45?!?!

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Yessir, 2014! I wouldn’t be selling it if I didn’t have an avalanche I love more.

The Sas is a beast for sure!

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Bump, buy these my dudes

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