All gone please lock and close!

All prices include shipping, fees, and insurance!

Also, I’m looking for a couple A-RT, Canvas’, and anything Anti-yo or Static Co.

X3 Teh - mint with original bag - SOLD

One Drop - No. 54 - mint with box -SOLD

G2 - Reaper - Sold

G2 - Direwolf Prototype - mint with box $75 PENDING

G2 - Pelican - nmtbs with box $75 PeNDING


bumped with some pics included

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Banshee, Life & Markmont Classic gone…


anyone with a canvas, or $100 for a g2?

Wow, Jake went through seven versions of the Reaper before settling on the production run?

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bump with prices on everything and pics!!

ol’ dirty BUMP

Wu-tang Killa Bee Discount Friday, on Saturday! $3.60 off your yo-yo if you PM me all Wu-tang Clan Members! $3.60 off your yo-yo if you PM me 2 of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s aliases! $3.60 off your yo-yo if you tell me what shoes Ghost Face Killah likes to rock “in rainbow colors”… it’s not Nike’s…

That’s potentially $10.80 of total Wu-tang discounts on your new throw.

It’s the 36 Chambers of death! 360 degrees of perfected styles! $3.60 of discounts! It ain’t safe no more… No cheatin’… otherwise, protect ya neck!


choppin prices and heads

lock me, lock me

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