All Full-Sized Magic Yo-Yo's?

I M looking to get a MYY or two, but I don’t like the undersized ones, just full sized ones. The only full sized one that I know of is the N12. Can somebody please tell me or give me a list of some or all full sized throws that Magic Yoyo made? Thanks!

N11, T8, T5, D5, and D6 are all full or just slightly under. All found on their home age within a minute btw :wink:

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Thanks a lot! Answered my question perfectly, and I didn’t know that they had their own full website.

Yup just google their name ^^

I personally found their website to be so bad that it wasn’t helpful at all.

How so? Seemed pretty straight forward to me, site>products>every yoyo they have on the left hand side>clicky>pics and specs

There’s also the iYo Purple Line if you can find one