All Chief Colorways by weight

It can, esp if we are talking about something small like tenths of grams. That is why on BST when a yoyo has heavy damage some people list “still smooth” if it is, because it can also affect the play of the yoyo. I would say the play is more affected than the weight, but both can be affected for sure =).

So I know someone with a Kavka Chief that weight 66.4 grams, also an Alec Campbell Chief that weight 66.5. His scale isnt off because the Kavka would still weigh more than the Alec Campbell (supossed to be the light 65.2 gram edition). So I would check the weights on your Chiefs before just so you know.

The only thing I think is they could have made more runs and those later ones were 66 grams, Im not sure? =).

I have a regular Petr Kavka Chief (not the Whale one) I don’t know how much it weighs right now but I will weigh it when I get a chance and let you know.

Well I just happened to notice this thread and thought I would try and help out. I’ve been traveling or I would have hopped in earlier.

Below is a list of my Chiefs and their measured weights.

Chief (Black) 65.8
Chief(Gun Metal) 66.3
Chief (Grey) 66.5
Chief (Silver) 64.8
Chief (Nickel) 67.0
Chief (Blue) 66.0
Chief (Latitude 53) 65.2
Chief (Elliot Jackson) 65.2
Chief (Delirium Dive) 66.0
Chief (Custom Ano’d) 64.6
Chief (Ink Pot) 64.9
Chief (Ernest Kahn) 66.0
Chief (Electric Bacon) 65.8
Chief (Pink Dragon) 66.15
Chief (Pink w/Black Speckles) 66.1
Chief (Buffalo Bob) 65.0
Chief (Clareview Station) 65.9
Chief (Fire Chief) 66.6
Chief (Berry Berry) 66.0
Chief (Petr Kavka) 66.1
Chief (Blue/Gold) 65.0
Chief (Canadian Tuxedo) 65.8
Chief (Minty Mint) 64.9
Chief (7075 Hulk Smash) 68.5
Chief (Confetti) YYE 65.9
Chief (Grassy Lake) 65.1
Chief (Alec Campbell) 65.0
Chief (Yogi) 66.1
Chief (Dandelion) 65.2
Chief (Canadian Gothic) 65.9
Chief (Foxy Moss) 66.0
Chief (Hulk Smash Fade) 66.0
Chief (Pali Halloween Puffin) 66.4
Chief (Gold w/Grey Speckles) 66.1
Chief (28 Stories) 65.2
Chief (Zip Zop) 65.8
Chief (Rewind Edition) 66.0
Chief (Black w/Copper Splash) 65.9
Chief (Orange/Blue) 65.2
Chief (Pekka) 64.9
Chief (Black w/Pink Speckles) 65.1
Chief (7075 Black Bip Bop) 66.3

Hope this helps. :smiley:

Edit: The link for the photos of these Chiefs is:



Thank you Stickman! So I guess that eventhough diff runs are “66 grams, 65.2 grams, or whatever” it actually is different from colorway to colorway, one colorway from the same run might be a tad lighter than another colorway, which is pretty interesting actually so my thread is a good guideline but the bottom line is…

Always weigh your Chief or ask them to weigh if you want a specific weight!

Im still confused that the Kavka Chief that I am eyeing only weight 66.4 grams… I wonder if they all weigh the same or if there are some 66.4 gram ones and some 67.4 gram ones…


Ps: Stickman are you sure your Black Bip Bop Chief is 7075? Just wondering because that would make more sence if it was a 6061 black bip bop Chief, I believe 4 were made and sold on Ebay, much rarer than the 7075 BBB Chiefs! =).

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Is the regular Kavka Chief any different in colorway than the “Heavy Whale Kavka Chief”? Maybe Im looking at the regular Kavka Chief and not the “Heavy Whale” version? That is all I can think of…

Any idea what run the solid orange was?


Does anyone know when this Chief was in circulation and Run?
There is no artwork on the side of the box, and there is a sticker on the floor that says this is Solid gold colorway.
It has Onedrop finish(maybe pyramatte), and has laser printing on both sides.
The only place I know that sells this is Spingear.

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comprehensive update to everything in this list because I’m working on the chief doc

1st Run: Solid Gold, Solid Silver, Solid Blue - 65.2 Grams

2nd Run: Fire, Grey, Royal Bison, Brown, Gold Nugget, Halloween Palli Puffin, Asteroid, Northern Lights, Foxy Moss, Meteorite(?) - 66.3 Grams

3rd Run: Buffalo Bob, Grassy Lake, Clareview Station, Dandelion Chief (7075), Minty Mint Mint Mint, Musket, “Dragon” Chief(?), Blue Pearl, Silver Pearl, - 65.2g

4th Run: (VERIFIABLY) Musket, Minty Mint, Dewey Moss, - 66.2/66.3g More than likely more

5th Run: Petr Kavka Chief (potentially), Copper Pot, Ink Pot, Blue with orange speckle, Zach Ed., Saskatoon Berry, Clareview Station, Green Ghost, Black w/ Green Speckles, Latitude 53 -65.2g

6th run: Petr Kavka Chief, Pekka Chief, Elliot Chief,
Alec Chief, Black w/ Pink Speckles,
Orange w/ Blue speckles, Clareview Station - 66g

7th Run: Mischief, Yogi, Grey Bip Bop, Latitude 53, Black w/ Copper Speckle, Jack Rabbit, Caribou Street, Hulk Smash, Bronze w/ Pink, Royal Blue w/ Red, Rewind - 66g

8th Run: Hulk Smash, Widowmaker, Broken Twill, Cryo, Foxy Moss, Potentially 28s - 66g

9th Run: Pale Blue, Turquoise, Cool Ghoul, Strawberries & Cream, Black w/ Silver Speckle, Gold w/ Silver Speckle, Ash Berry, Canadian Tuxedo - 66g

10th Run: Heavy Splash Clareview Station, Black w/ Pink Speckle, Ninja Hurdles, Red Blizzard, Delirium Dive, Blizzard, Purple w/ Clear speckle, Blizzard - 66g

11th Run: Hulk Smash Fade, 28 Stories, Confetti, Space Blizzard, Concrete Blizzard, Fire Blizzard, Widow Maker, Adam Brewster, Canadian Gothic, Nebula, Falcon Jab, Pink w/ Black Speckle, Nightingale, Camp Caribou, Zip Zop, Matsuri, Harrison Hurricane, Ash Berry - 66g

12th Run (releases between March of 2014 and October of 2016): Red w/ Silver Splash, Clareview Station Blizzard, CRYO, Hulk Smash, Pitch Black, Northern Lights, Mischief, rafmagn, Oil, Yozakura, Green Apple, Ash Berry Camp Caribou!, Intergalactic Hulk Smash, Jack Rabbit, 28 Stories, Happy Dragon, Hi Andre, Dirty Sunset, Brussels Sprouts, You’ve Got Red on You, Blue, Silver, Gold, Grey, Green, Orange - 65.5g

13th run:
Sunrise Kingdom, Maiderade, Electric Bacon Blizzard - 66 to 66.5g

Every 7075 release was 68.4g as far as I could find
(Saskatoon Blizzard, Hulk Smash, BBB)

Petr Kavka Heavy Whale was 67.4g


Do you know the year for each run?

Yes! but I have that all in the documentary script.

Most releases happened between 2011-2012 (1st-10th)
11th released in 2013
12th (I believe) released in 2014
13th in 2016

I have more precise dates in the video script but I don’t wanna plunder that deep rn I just wanted to update the list for general accuracy based off of what I could find :+1: