Alive again, ready for your yoyo needs. Good deals to be had!

Welcome back everyone. Here we go again.

I don’t want these things anymore so it’s a great opportunity for someone who wants these things. More pictures on request of course. Damage is pictured as best as I could get it. Most yoyos and mice come with boxes, just ask if that’s important to you. I am happy to bundle, I’m a reasonable seller, person, and yoyoer.

Mostly looking to sell but always open to CLYW I don’t have, such as:

Arctic Circle
Arctic Circle 2
Bassalope (Large Bearing Version)
Glacier Express
Gnarwhal 2
Peak (Original)
Puffin 3
Sasquatch 2018
Snow Lzzard
Wooly Marmot
Wooly Marmot 2

Prices are shipped. Add $5 for Goods and Services if you prefer. CONUS only please. Shipping internationally is expensive.


YYF Bimetal - $5 as an add on - Couple small scuffs, plays fine. I bought it from the sale and just don’t use it. Decent amount of vibe from being 5A dropped.

Duncan small bearing FH1 - $30 - Near mint. One tiny nick on one of the caps, couldn’t get a good picture. Plays great but I have two. Keeping one, selling this one.


I do not use these. I went through a mouse quest to find the one(s) I like and did.

Glorious Model O Wireless - $45 - Mint.

Glorious Model D wired - $25 - Mint.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Ergo $10 as an add on. - Mint. Comes with what’s pictured, I don’t know where the other shell is. I found the other shells. They were in the box.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro - $45 - Mint. Has the dongle.

Gwolves Hati HTM - $35 - Mint, comes with the extra switches.

Xbox Wireless Controller $35 - Mint.


Which mice did you settle on?




90% of the time I use a Vaxee Outset AX but I will switch to the LG G Pro X Superlight or Razer Basilisk Ultimate on occasion.

Some things are gone, some things remain. If you want to bundle stuff, I accept that about you.

The second half of this message is not directed at you specifically

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Another day has passed. I recently got very into Vampire Survivor. It is extremely fun for the price, and for how simple it is. I can’t recommend it enough as a time waster. I also started playing Cuphead and it is very very difficult. More than I thought it would be. It’s very fun though.

If you buy something, it will be shipped tonight. Even if you buy it tomorrow. For legal reasons that is a joke.


Ohhh thanks for the information. I’m currently looking for gaming mice as well so this is really helpful.


Let me know if you have any questions! I can do a good deal on what’s left too if you’re interested

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Sure thing! I’ll think about it, shipping mice internationally might not be the best idea.

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Oh, yeah you are probably right on that. Probably more trouble than it’s worth


Take any two items for $65. Minus the Theodore. That can be had for $100

Another day has passed.

Still playing Cuphead. Getting better. Finally beat a boss without getting hit. It was the pyramid guy on the second island.

Take all yoyos for $355
Take all mice/controller for $200
Take everything for $450
Take any two items for $65, excluding the Thedore

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Take any two for $55, excluding the Theodore.
Take EVERYTHING for $400
Take all Yoyos for $300
Take all mice/controllers for $150

Who can resist these crazy dealz? With a z? Outrageous.


Some things still available. Let me know if you’re interested.


Another day has passed. I was thinking about how I type that pretty often and wondered how many times I typed “past” instead of “passed”.

Only 6 yoyos remain. Take any two items for $55, excluding the Theodore.

Take everything for $300.

Take only the yoyos for $250.

Take the mice for $85

Another day has passed.
Another day has past and gone.

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I find myself agreeing with you, emphatically

Wait it would still be another day has passed and gone.

Another day has gone past would be correct

Passed is a verb, past is an adverb in this situation

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I lost control over this. I’m past it.

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I find myself agreeing with your agreeing with me, emphatically.

Another day has passed.

Another day has become the past.

Take the last 3 yoyos for $150

Take the rest of the mice for $75

Take everything for $200

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