Alecto's B/S/T will trade yoyos for mirrors edge preorder.

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So money is pretty tight and i have an up coming project.
I need to sell these things off as soon as humanly possible. Im willing to work out deals for paypal money, but i cannot accept trades at this time.

zip zap rap CLYW Orca mint and smooth i still have the box stuffing and pin it came with. Im asking $100.00 for it but feel free to give me offers as long as they are reasonable. by Alecto42, on Flickr

red Duncan Barracuda beat but still smooth as they come. Im asking $20.00 for it. I can go lower but i really need the money. by Alecto42, on Flickr

2Sick Queen mint smooth and rare. There are only 7 of these gold queens made. Ive tried to sell it before, but i just couldnt let it go. Such a good throw. It comes with its original king box that it was shipped in. Im asking $90.00 for it, but as with the others i can negotiate the price. by Alecto42, on Flickr

ClYW Artice Circle 1 gravyboat colorway. It has a few dings but still plays very smooth. I’m asking $60.00 for it. by Alecto42, on Flickr

miracle yoyo avengement. its not smooth as per usual with some super wide yoyos. Plays great and the pads are really grippy. I’m Asking $50.00 for it by Alecto42, on Flickr

thanks for looking i ship to anywhere at the buyer’s expense. United States add Five dollars, Canada add twenty, and i have to get an estimate for other places.

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bump i need alter egos for competing…

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bump ill will do deals to get the mirrors edge collectors edition.

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