Alecto's B/S/T take everything left $45.00

Well i have alot of junk that i need to sell off looking for package deals and maybe trades…

the only thing i want is a mint tenyoyo wetwhistle or i will trade the triton for a mint markmont classic

take everything left for $45.00 except the ala mode and the triton

List of throws:
Token mint with box: $20.00 GONE

Protostar mint with box…  i did replace a bad spacer it had in it with one that worked: $30.00 negotiable

Throw Monkey… its missing  its caps, beat, and smells like smoke: $5.00

Fireball… beat: $5.00

Crossfire… not mint but its a really good yoyo: $10.00

Exodus II… not mint and smells of smoke: $5.00

Regen… mint barely played with just not my style: $40.00-$35.00 GONE

Ala Mode… not mint stil plays smooth comes with a flat bearing: $65.00 GONE

Hulk Blood Drip Triton only looking to trade this puppy for another triton or if you really want it $110.00 will also trade for a markmont classic must be mint  heres the pictures

thanks for looking

The smoke is cigarette smoke… not as strong as it once was cause i cleaned them with pine sol but still enough to make my nicotine allergy go.

Just curious. What kind of smoke does the throw monkey smell like

Why in the world does it smell like smoke in the first place?


take everything for fifty dollars bump except the ala mode

bump!! take everything for less the fifty bucks!! except the triton!!